Make copyright meaningful! Protect your images with blockchain’s best solution

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Protect the value of your photography against misuse or violation from artificial intelligence, social media and news platforms. Photography is the most incredible kind of digital art. And yet, like all digital art, it is under significant threat due to the transformative effect of artificial intelligence – not to mention social media and news outlets flagrantly ignoring the rights of photographers.

What Is SEED

Enter SEED(opens in new tab), the most exclusive NFT marketplace for photographers, which has set out to give photographers security by providing a true meaning of copyright protection for their work.  SEED is a safe, professional, blockchain-based photography platform that offers simple solutions to keep and protect ownership rights. Pioneered by a group of photographers, SEED combines the art of photography with the benefits of the blockchain industry, such as cryptocurrency and NFT technologies.  This multifaceted photo platform enables photographers, digital artists, and image owners to register their work as NFTs. It provides a unique way to prove their ownership – and buy or sell images in the safest place ever.  By ensuring that all digital rights are appropriately registered, the platform protects the rights of photographers as digital art owners – and delivers a safe place to trade their work at its actual value. 

How does SEED work

The process is simple. First of all, the photograph is registered by the photographer or owner. Then, SEED checks the quality and origins of the image and provides a personal profile for the owner. At this point, an NFT is minted to prove and protect the ownership of the image. The freshly established profile and the SEED platform as a whole provide a vehicle to evaluate and sell the image – after which the ownership rights are transferred to the new owner(s). 

This multifaceted photo platform enables photographers, digital artists, and image owners to register their work as NFTs. It provides a unique way to prove their ownership – and buy or sell images in the safest place ever.

The integrity of SEED is both created and safeguarded by its solid and expert community of photographers, who enjoy the transparency of blockchain services and the long-term support of all minted digital artworks. It’s time to ensure that you and your work are protected in an age where ownership and digital rights are more at risk than ever. To find out more and start making copyright meaningful again, visit in new tab) today.


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In recent years, the art world has been revolutionized by Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), and the endorsement of an NFT photography platform by FIAP holds immense significance. FIAP, a pillar of artistic recognition since 1946, validating NFTs as a legitimate medium for photographers is a breakthrough. This endorsement bestows credibility upon the platform, breaking down barriers and paving the way for greater acceptance of NFT photography in the mainstream art community. FIAP's endorsement also brings global exposure and wider reach, connecting photographers with a global audience and fostering collaboration and cultural exchange. By endorsing the platform, FIAP supports the preservation of photographers' intellectual property rights and ensures transparency and traceability through blockchain technology. This endorsement represents a milestone in the integration of blockchain technology and the art world, providing opportunities for photographers to enhance their reputation, gain recognition, and monetize their artwork.
Photography assets make excellent NFTs due to their universal appeal, visual communication power, creative flexibility, tangible and intangible value, and potential for appreciation.
Blockchain technology and innovative features are transforming the photography industry, offering photographers new ways to protect, share, and monetise their work. Multi-blockchain support allows photographers to optimise their experience when minting and selling their work by choosing the blockchain that best suits their needs. Innovative features like copyright protection, exclusivity, financial benefits, promotion and exposure, collaboration and networking, and staking and rewards are also being introduced to enhance the experience of photographers and collectors. Platforms like Seed.Photo, which integrate these features, have the potential to revolutionise the industry and create a thriving ecosystem for photographers and collectors in the digital age.