Revolutionising Copyright Protection in Photography: SEED’s Innovative Solution

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Innovative Solution

Thank you for considering as your solution to the critical issue of photography infringement in the digital age. Our platform offers a comprehensive solution that protects and supports the copyrights of legitimate art through the use of NFTs and blockchain technology.

Unique Features of Our NFT Marketplace

Our vision is to establish ourselves as the leading authority in photography in the digital era, and we offer several unique features that set us apart from other NFT marketplaces. Firstly, we have our own dedicated IPFS, ensuring that your NFTs will not disappear in case the platform disappears or doesn’t pay for the server. Secondly, we sell the actual photo with the raw file, providing you with the pure, original file that the photographer got on the first day, and we provide a certificate of the creator as an authentication certificate.

Empowering Photographers in the Digital Marketplace

Moreover, we are genuinely zero-cost for photographers, and we are multi-chain, offering the chance to mint your artworks to Binance blockchain and Ethereum and offer them to art collectors.

Community and Rewards

Our platform also offers a dedicated social group for SEED members, where photographers can chat together, and collectors can negotiate with photographers over the price. Additionally, we have a museum feature that allows you to stake back your art, borrow it to the platform for our museum, and receive a yearly-based reward for that, which is almost 20% of the value of your artwork.

With features such as a dedicated IPFS, multi-chain minting, and a museum feature that allows you to stake back your art, Seed.Photo sets itself apart from other NFT marketplaces. We also offer unique promotions, exclusive projects, and a social group for SEED members.

Empowering Photographers

We also offer unique promotions for photographers, such as promoting them worldwide through our galleries, articles, news agencies, and paid marketing options. Additionally, we offer exclusive projects, where we collaborate with photographers and provide them with the budget to do the projects together.


In conclusion, offers a comprehensive solution to the critical issue of photography infringement in the digital age. We believe that we can change the world of photography and establish ourselves as the leading authority in photography in the digital era. We invite you to join us and be a part of the most exclusive NFT marketplace for photographers, by photographers.


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Photography assets make excellent NFTs due to their universal appeal, visual communication power, creative flexibility, tangible and intangible value, and potential for appreciation.
Blockchain technology and innovative features are transforming the photography industry, offering photographers new ways to protect, share, and monetise their work. Multi-blockchain support allows photographers to optimise their experience when minting and selling their work by choosing the blockchain that best suits their needs. Innovative features like copyright protection, exclusivity, financial benefits, promotion and exposure, collaboration and networking, and staking and rewards are also being introduced to enhance the experience of photographers and collectors. Platforms like Seed.Photo, which integrate these features, have the potential to revolutionise the industry and create a thriving ecosystem for photographers and collectors in the digital age.